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Elizabeth (Bradbury) Carvalho - Owner

Elizabeth (Bradbury) Carvalho, Owner

After working all my life in Corporate America, I began working on my life dream - caring for pets.  I studied and became certified with the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS)  in June of 2009.

The NAPPS Certification Program provides pet sitters with a broad-ranged and in-depth program in pet sitting. The state-of-the-art curriculum, which requires the time commitment of a semester college course, includes topics in pet care, health, nutrition and behavior, as well as, business development and management, and a complete pet first aid course.

White Lake Pet Sitters, LLC became a corporation on August 5, 2009. What a thrill! To devote my time with loving pets and knowing my clients can travel with peace of mind is a dream come true.

Now, the second half of my dream is coming true, moving my business to Florida!!! In August 2010 we moved The Villages, where my business will continue to be my pride and joy! 

Another dream came true in October of 2013, I married a wonderful man I met at Sumter Landing. Chris works full time at E-One building firetrucks.  We are so happy, it is amazing!!!

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- Back-up Sitter

My back-up sitter, Jill is also a pet sitter, owning her own business. She is bonded and insured. We have complimented each others business for the past years.  We now have the back-up required for both businesses. She is a wonderful person with high qualifications. My clients and pets have been completely satisified with her care while I have been away.  So, rest asurred, if something would prevent me from caring for your babies, Jill will love and care for your pets in the fashion you are accustomed to.